What is the Ambassador Network of South-West Finland?

The Student Ambassador Network of South-West Finland is a network aiming at gathering together internationally minded people living and studying in South-West Finland to promote the region as a business environment, study and tourist destination and, for sure, as a wonderful place to live!

The Network is an initiative of the cities of Turku, Uusikaupunki, Rauma and Pori (within Intercity Collaboration of South West Coast of Finland, Finnish abbreviation LOURA) and the POLKU project “International talents as resource for expanding companies” co-funded by the European Social Fund and partnered by the City of Turku, the University of Turku, the Åbo Akademi, the Turku University of Applied Sciences and the Institute of Migration.

Who is it for?

The Network is for students who would like to support South-West Finland in becoming more international. It is also for internationally minded people who are interested in meeting other internationally oriented students living in South-West Finland. And ultimately, the Network is for those who have a passion for the region and the ability to spread the love through their own international network.

What is it like to be a Student Ambassador of South-West Finland?

Being an Ambassador means that you will promote the region on the most suitable way for you. Promotion can be

  • writing blog posts or newspaper articles in foreign media, home University`s magazine etc. about South-West Finland,
  • sharing posts through your social media channels,
  • attending events and fairs in Finland or abroad,
  • through your own ideas – the sky is the limit!

As an ambassador you will get first-hand information about South-West Finland which helps you to promote and introduce the region. You won`t be alone; the Ambassador Network is about working together, supporting each other and sharing new ideas to develop the Network.

What are the benefits of being a part of the Network?

As a Student Ambassador of South-West Finland you will

  • Be part of the developing Ambassador Network of South-West Finland
  • Receive competence building training
  • Have access to promotional material and receive the latest news about the region
  • Take part in meetings and events in the region
  • Network with internationally-minded people
  • Get a rewarding experience by actively participating in improving your community